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  March Panel Inventory Update



60 Cell


Vsun 310 Mono ALL BLACK

VSUN310-60M-BB   12 pallet minimum

Black/Black   59/pallet

Pallet .36/watt

Container .34/watt


Vsun 320 Mono ALL Black


4 Pallet Minimum (130 panels)

Black/Black   30/Pallet

Pallet .42/watt   Container .41/watt


72 Cell


REC 315 Poly Re-Packaged

REC315PE72 4 Pallet Minimum(2 skids)

Silver/White  59/skid

Pallet .32/watt  Container .28/watt


Astronergy 340 Mono

CHSM6612M-340/HV  239 in stock

Silver/White  27/pallet

Take All .36/watt  


Vsun 345 Poly

VSUN345W-72PH   4 pallet minimum (2 skids)

Silver/White    59/skid  245 in stock

Pallet .33/watt    Container .29/watt


Canadian Solar  355 poly Bifacial

CS3U-355P-F16 245 in stock

Silver/White   30/pallet

Pallet .37/watt   Take All .35/watt


Astronergy 365 Mono

CHSM6612M-365  54 in stock

4 pallet minimum Silver/White

27/pallet    .37/watt


Renesola 370 Mono

Virtus II (5BB)  1500 volt

Silver/Watt     Silver/White

Take All .29/watt


HT-SAAE  380 Mono

HT72-156M (V) - 380  46 in stock


Take All .35/watt


JA Solar  390 Mono Perc

JAM72S09-390/PR  243 in stock

Silver/White    27/pallet

Take All .41/watt


Znshine Solar 395 Mono

ZXM6-72-395  180 in stock

Silver/White  30/pallet

Take All .38/watt


Talesun 400 Mono

TP6F72M  508 in stock

Silver/White    NA

Take All .37/watt


Canadian Solar 410 Poly Split

CS3W-410P  4 pallet miimum


Pallet .48/watt

Container .45/watt


Seraphim 425 Mono Perc

SEG-425-BMA-HV  4 pallet Minimum

Silver/White  27/pallet

Pallet .43/watt  Container  .39watt


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Cell: 772-766-6882


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