Good News

All of our stock is in the USA and is available now. These panels will go fast because the lack of delivery supply form China will cause a decrease in overall panel supply. See below current USA stock.


                  November Panel Inventory


60 Cell


Seraphim 305 Mono ALL Blacks      

SEG-6MB-305 ,  ALL Black , Mono Perc, 60 Cells    85 in stock

Take All .42/watt


Znshine Solar 315 Mono  ZXM6-60 ,  All Black  Container minimum  840/container, 30/pallet

Container  .35/watt


Canadian Solar  315 Mono      CS1H-315MS    333 in stock  Black/Black  30/pallet

Take All .47/watt


HT SAAE  310 Mono      

HT660-156M-M    Container minimum  Black/Black  30/pallet

Container .34/watt


HT SAAE  310 Mono      

HT660-156M-M    100 in stock       Silver/White  30/pallet

Take All  .37/watt


HT SAAE  315 Mono       Nathan

HT660-156M-M    975 in stock     Black/Black  30/pallet

Take All   .35/watt


Vsun 320 Mono     

VSUN320-60M-BB  2 stack minimum (130 panels)   Black/Black  30/pallet

Pallet  .42/watt   Container .38/watt


Talesun  320 Mono ALL Blacks       

TP6H60M-PERC HALF CUT  ,  ALL Black,   60 Cell, 

Container - 780 panels,  26/pallet,   4 pallet Minimum

Pallet  .41/watt     Container .38/watt



72 Cell


Astronergy 340 Mono     

CHSM6612M-340/HV  8 Pallet  Minimum  Silver/White  30/pallet

Pallet .34/watt      Container .32/watt


Hanwha Q Cells 345 Poly  

(Q Plus L-G4.2)  8 pallet minimum  Silver/White  29/pallet

Pallet .39/watt    Container .37/watt


Vsun 345 Poly    

VSUN345W-72PH , 3100 in stock, 

Take All .34/watt

Container .35/watt


Canadian Solar 355 Poly split  

CS3U-355-PB-AG Bifacial,  4 Pallet Minimum,   Silver/White  35/pallet

Pallet  .37/watt

Container  .33/wat


Phono 370 Mono  

PS370M-24/T 1000v ,  507 in stock ,  30/pallet

Take All .34/watt


Astronergy 370 Mono   

CHSM6612M/HV   8 pallet minimum  Silver/White  27/pallet

Pallet .38/watt    Container .35/watt


Seraphim  370  Mono Perc         

SEG-6MA-370WW,   78 in stock,     Silver/White

Take All  .37/watt


Talesun  375 Mono    TP672M- Perc  183 in stock,  4 pallet minimum  Silver/White  30/pallet

Pallet .44/watt  Take All .42/watt


JA Solar 380 Mono Bifacials  

JAM72D09 380/BP (double glass) ,  714 in stock,  8 pallet minimum,  28/pallet

Take All .34/watt     Pallet  .39/watt


Canadian Solar 380 Mono Split       

CS3U-380MS PERC  247 in stock   Silver/White     30/pallet

Take All .43/watt


Vsun 380 Mono        VSUN380-72M 

1500 volt    150 in stock   Silver/White 

Take All  .41/watt



JA Solar 385 Mono Perc  

JAM72S09-385/PR    1,479 in stock 

Take All .34/watt   Container .36/watt


URE/Neo Solar Power 390 Mono Split      

D7K390H8A, 144 cell, 4 Pallet Minimum  30/pallet

Pallet  .34/watt

Container  .32/watt


Astronergy 390 Mono   

CHSM72M-HC   1161 in stock   8 pallet minimum  Silver/White  27/pallet

Pallet .39/watt    Container .37/watt


Znshine Solar 395 Mono 

ZXM6-72-395  8 Pallet Minimum, Container minimum  Silver/White  30/pallet

Container  .35/watt


QCells 395 Mono   

Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO L-G5.3,    1684 in stock, 8 pallet minimum

Take All .34/watt

Container .35/watt

Per pallet: .38/watt




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