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All of our stock is in the USA and is available now. 

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January Panel Inventory 

60 Cell


REC 280 Poly 

REC280TP BLK     462 in stock   4 pallet minimum   Black/White   25/pallet

Pallet   .38/watt   Take All .35/watt


Znshine Solar 315 Mono  ALL Black   

ZXM6-60   Container minimum    Black/Black    30/pallet

Container .35/watt


HT SAAE  315 Mono  ALL Black    

HT660-156M-M    Container minimum   Black/Black   30/pallet

Container .35/watt


Phono Solar 315 Mono

PS315MH-20/U      914 in stock  4 pallet minimum  Black/White   30/34/pallet

Pallet .34/watt     Take All .37/watt  


Hanwha  320 Mono

Q.PEAK DUO G7 320  744 in stock   4 pallet minimum   Black/White  32/pallet

Pallet .45/watt     Take All .42/watt


Talesun 320 Mono All Black

TP6H60M-PERC HALF CUT   4 Pallet Minimum  Black/Black   26/pallet

Pallet .41/watt  Container .38/watt


Trina 320 mono All Black

TSM-320-DD06M.05(II)    650 in stock  4 Pallet Minimum  Black/Black   30/pallet

Pallet.46/watt       Take All .44/watt  


LG 315 Mono

LG335N1C-V5.AUS    169 in stock   4 pallet minimum Black/White   25/pallet

Pallet.67/watt     Take All .62/watt


Vsun 320 Mono  ALL Black

VSUN320-60M-BB   4 Pallet Minimum(130 panels)  Black/Black   30/pallet

Pallet .42/watt     Container .41/watt


72 Cell


Astronergy 340 Mono

CHSM6612M-340/HV  8 pallet minimum  Silver/White   27/pallet

Pallet .34/watt        Container .32/watt


Hanwha Q Cells 345 Poly

Hanwha Q Cells (Q Plus L-G4.2)   8 pallet minimum   Silver/White    29/pallet

Pallet .39/watt     Container .37/watt


Vsun 345 Poly

VSUN345W-72PH  Container Minimum   Silver/White    27/pallet

Take All .34/watt   Container .35/watt


Canadian Solar  355 poly

CS3U-355P-F16   4 pallet minimum   Silver/White    30/pallet

Pallet .37/watt      Container .33/watt


Vsun 380 Mono

Vsun380-72M    150 in stock   Silver/White    27/pallet

Take All .41/watt


JA Solar 380 Mono Bifacials

JAM72D09 380/BP (double glass)    714 in stock  8 pallet minimum  Silver/White


Take All .34/watt        Container  .36/watt     Pallet .39/watt  


JA Solar  385 Mono Perc

JAM72S09-385/PR     1,479 in stock   8 pallet Minimum   Silver/White     27/palet

Take All .34/watt         Container  .36/watt     Pallet .39/watt


Astronergy 390 Mono

CHSM72M-HC      1161 in stock  8 pallet Minimum  Silver/White    27/pallet

Pallet .39/watt         Container  .37/watt


Znshine Solar 395 Mono

ZXM6-72-395    Container minimum     Silver/White     30/pallet

Container .35/watt


Qcells   395 Mono  

Q.CELLS Q.PEAK DUO L-G5.3     8pallet Minimum    Silver/White     29/pallet

Pallet .38/watt         Container  .35/watt


Trina 395 Mono  BIFACIAL

TSM-395DEG15HC.20(II) Bifacial, 2.0mm      Available in landscape and portrait       

4 pallet Minimum    Silver/White      32/pallet

Pallet .41/watt          Container  .38watt


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