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We strive to supply you with a variety of panels to choose from. Every job is different and some jobs call for specific panels or wattage. Let me know if you would like me to reserve any of these for your job. The below panels sell out pretty quick, so get yours reserved.


Weekly Special

S-Energy 365 mono

720 pieces, 4 pallet minimum

Pallet  .26/watt

Container .24/watt


Canadian Solar 390 mono

570 pieces, 4 pallet minimum

Pallet .26/watt

Take All .24/watt


Jinko 535 mono

57 pieces (new but re-packaged) 

Take All .28/watt


Vsun 550 mono

450 pieces (new but re-packaged) 

Take All.25/watt


Risen  Energy 595 mono

228 pieces (new but re-packaged) 

Take All .25/watt


BYD  540  Bifacial

584 pieces (new but re-packaged) 

Take All 25/watt


* Spec Sheet available upon request.*



We hope to hear from you soon

concerning your order. Thanks,

Dan Elliott


Cell: 772-766-6882





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